The tail end of my travels to photograph Indo-European descendants is really over now.

My last mission is to come home and continue working in quarantine.
Here in New York, it is quiet on the streets.

Two days ago when I was shopping at Wholefoods I was getting greetings. A bum grabbed the red onion with their hands and took a bite.

Well great.

I also wanted a portion of that.
Nobody says anything about it and I was inclined to say something about it. But what can I do? I’m a stranger in Harlem.

I mean people are talking to each other on the street, but they are street bums and I think they are totally unaware of the virus spread.

Of course the toilet paper compartment was empty. Box of packed meat, No pizzas, milk, and no onions. That’s what I noticed.

I did the shopping because I wanted to fill the fridge for my dear friends where I can stay at 121st Harlem street. Just above Central Park.

I am lucky because it is still unclear whether I can go home the next week. I’ll skip over London. Then I would go to Amsterdam afterward, but the planes to Schiphol are fully booked very quickly so that I can only go next Tuesday, but then the question is whether the borders will still be open because at the moment it can change daily with politics.

Flight Back

I still have to transfer in London. If I wanted directly, it would cost a few hundred euros, and these are the daily dilemmas when it comes to making decisions about how to get in touch with groups of people as little as possible. In any case, that will happen and there is a very big chance that I will become infected.

I am realistic about that.

The consequences for this project are not too bad. I now have to miss 2 people in London and there are still a few in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany that I still had in the planning, but that will have to be postponed.

The Quarantine gives the possibility to design the book in advance.

Work out the videos and select the photos for the book.

Redhead Project

Willem-Jan will send a mailing to the candidates participating in the book Ramboet-Djagoeng.

And for the candidates who have made a donation and receive a photoshoot from me, they will be postponed until after the Corona time and hopefully, that will be faster than we think.

The crowdfunding

Yesterday I updated the donation page and if you still want to support me with my project, I greatly appreciate your support.

How are you holding up?