An Indo found in Brisbane Australia. Dewi Suurland tells about her identity experiences and what ‘home’ means to her. ‘We all have a sense of belonging’.

When a traveled by train to her parents address she picked my up at the train station. I was waiting on the wrong side of the station. I immediately saw the batik she was wearing. At their house, I was welcomed by a nice Indo meal her mother and father prepared for me because her mother insisted I came for lunch. It was Saté kambing if I remember correctly. But it was delicious nonetheless.

Although she is the only Indo with her family in the wide area. Her awareness of her identity is very strong. Knowing very well her family history and the ties she has with Holland. Both her parents came to Australia in the late 80ties, because the were inspired to make themselves a new future.

Go see her interesting interview in the video.

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