Peter Veer: There is a sense of bond ship within family caring for each other. It is a no-brainer if you can take care of your elders. I think respect is a very strong pillar in the Indo Culture.

Peter was the first candidate in Australia. Men what a place to be! Although it was right at the tail of the bushfires that was going on I felt a had to go back to Sydney one day and give it a proper visit again and learn from the people of its city.

Peter was very kind to show me around after the interview and dropped me off at the infamous end of the world I might say. At least that is what I thought of it.

Have you been to Australia yet?

Enjoy this interview.

What I think most interesting is Peter’s view on taking care of the elderly. Even if you have a dream to live somewhere else in the world and have a lot of challenges doing so. He now lives as a caretaker of his dad and lives with his wife and son in Sydney.

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