Hey! So you never heard of this project? Let me get you up to speed..

Information about the #IndoWorldPhotoProject

What is it and who am I? Let me introduce me and my project in the following links..

Starting of the project: (Origional Crowfunding video)


Recently started the traveling for this project
In 2018/19 I photographed 110+ dutch-indo participants and between 10 -01 – 2020 and 24 march I travel in Australia, New Zealand, US, CAD, UK, curacao, Bonaire NewYork and EU(Belgium, Germany) .

You can follow my trip here for my whereabouts in the world:

And if you are 3rd gen Indo living outside of the Netherlands you can go to this link:

Participation form for Indos world wide:
There is an extra videomessage for you there.(this link is important if you really do want to participate, so I can plan the trip to your place to do the photoshoot and interview).