What motivates me to travel abroad?

There is so much work to be done here it seems because of the number of participants for this project here in the Netherlands.

So what is the reason to go abroad or even overseas?

Let’s think of what most Indo’s in the Netherlands collectively know what is important to know about the facts of the Indo refugees since 1945.

One of the first things we learn is that a proximately 350.000 Indo’s had to Leave Indonesia since 15th August 1945 until the late sixties. The narrative we learn or had been told by our parents is that the Indo’s had to adapt to the Dutch culture back then.

We also learned about the story of the ±10.000 Moluccans soldiers and their families who served for the KNIL and were promised that they could return to the Maluku islands when they were ordered to go to the Netherlands could not return.The decievement of the Dutch Government goes way back.

We also learned that a lot of Indo-Europeans could not, didn’t want to or had the right papers to leave Indonesia after the war.

But here is what I am wondering.
Obviously, we are not alone in our unique history, Because the story becomes much more broader with the story of each family who is connected to the Indo-European history.

What do we know about the Indo-Europeans who left the Netherlands as well?

Was the climate to cold to stay?

Was the culture to cold to stay?

Was there another opportunity or option to go somewhere else?

What motivated these people to leave the Netherlands? 

Or didn’t they want to go in the first place?

Which factors and reasons were in play?

Second. How did they perceive their migration?
How were they welcomed? What were their challenges?

..and remember: This project is asking the younger third generation about what they know about their narrative. 

Do they ask themselves why they live where the grew up? 

What do they know about the story of their grandparents?

How is it different than the Dutch-Indo migration story?

I hope to find a broad perspective on these questions and interesting life stories at least to understand how the Indo culture ( if we can speak of such) is developed and how Indo’s are looking back at their history. 

Does it still play a role today?

Many questions.
Wouldn’t you want to know?

Would you like to see who they are?

I sure do..