It is minus 13 degrees cecius in the moment. My goal is obvious. Meeting as much as Indo-European Descendants as possible as I can in each and every city I visit.

And in the meantime I am meeting people who have just as an interesting story to tell. This morning I talked with Eduardo, my host of my AIRBNB adress which was by the way the best place of the price of 22 dollars I paid.

I was talking with him for 1,5 hours because we have a connection with photography. For a decade he works for the millatry  as a photographer in the north of Edmonton. He traveld the world and loved do scoobadive and snorkle in the bay’s of Brisbane. He also went for the Cannadian Army to momarial day in the Netherlands at the Canadian cemetary.

And when we talked some more we talked about his ambitions and goals it got me interesting, because it came down on what he believes:

‘The world would become a better place if you experience another culture in an an other country’ which makes him setup this airbnb business her in Edmonton and want to start a new school and airbnb in Nicaragua to aspire his belief and create a life of more meaning.

As a entreprenear myself I got me hooked ofcourse and this is very intersting to me. I said to him that he should communicate it starting with his belief and then the solution he offers.

We kept on going talking about it but had to leave as wel, because I had an other appointment with an old friend which I saw maybe more then 10 years ago. I knew her when I was studying photography which makes it 20 years that I know her.

We catched up as wel en was really great to meet her again. In a indonesian owned restaurant, so I got Gado GadoSo the 24 hours I have been here after I have met Tarah Davies for the interview were fun, cold and interesting. It gave me te context of the environment in different way’s so I could see the bigger picture here of economics, politics and culturewise. For excample it was inspireing to hear how she actually started her career as a nurse with her challanges to cope with economie and politics. She had to prove her degree in Nursery and after 4 years of retraining programme and solicitating she discoverd her knowledge and language was beter then most people who applied and hadnt gone thrue what she has done. The difference was that they knew how to fill out the form to apply the job with a shortcut and it was a disadvantage for her to be to honest which costed her the 4 years.

This story reminds me on what the resemblance story is of the Indo’Europeans when the got to the Netherlands in the fifties and sixties when degrees wern’t worth nothing and had to prove their skills again.

In the plane to Montreal my neighbour who was an engenieer gave me insight in the oil industry and why the crisis kicked in. Lik I was saying it is Sandoil what they found and the kost of laybour for that is much higher, because they have to extract the oil. This pressures the margins on oil and together with the oilprice going down and the carbon footprint reduction the city pay’s the price.

So these meetings gave me so much more insight of not only the econommy but also the reasons in the past to find the work Indo’s doe here and choose for this place to work for a while.. With this weather conditions in mind I can only imagine how hard the work was and how far the were away from the Dutch-east-Indies just a few decades later.