Whatever result we will reach today. You have given me the confidence to do this project in 2019.

At the moment of writing, we are almost 7000 euro from the 9400 euro goal and today is the last day for donations and I stop the campaign to make the balance of last month’s daily crowdfunding.

If I do not manage to get to the goal, then I’ll make up something in the coming month to be able to do it anyway so in that respect it is already green light for this project, where everyone contributes with the heart-warming reactions.

So now I want to thank you already for the trust and that you have shared the message and have made a donation.

Thanks for thinking with me

Thanks for responding.

Thanks for mailing.

Thanks for reading my long mails.

Thank you for coming to the studio and sharing your story this year.

Only you make this possible.

Your donation is a means to visit Indos worldwide for a portrait and to collect your story for the book and documentary.

It is going to be an adventure and discovery for all of us. The honor is mine.

Let’s make our history together.